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To help you with your studies, almost all subjects taught within the National Curriculum or made available at schools will have an extensive range of tutors to choose from.

There is a great supply of tutors in many mainstream subjects, such as mathematics, English, and Modern Foreign Languages (e.g. French, German, Spanish, Italian, and others). Tuition for Science is also available, either general science tuition, or split according to the three main fields: biology, chemistry and physics. An increasing number of schools also offer the opportunity to learn a non-European foreign language, such as Mandarin Chinese; tutors for these languages are also available.

Many of these tutors will teach topics according to the National Curriculum, but this is dependent upon the level of the child. We, at LFL Education Consultancy, will be able to put you touch with different tutors, helping you to find the right person to bring your child up to speed, or even excel.

Tutors can either work independently, or be employed by a small- or medium-sized firm, and can do face-to-face tutoring, or using innovative techniques, such as Skype tutoring – whichever is more suitable for you.

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