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State Schools

The majority of schools in the UK are ‘state schools’. These are free of charge to all children, and is funded wholly or partly by the Government through taxation. Schools are usually split according to primary (ages 3-11) and secondary education (ages 11-16).

When choosing a school like this, there are a few factors to consider, such as location, type of school, school ranking, and the facilities offered. In some instances, schools admit students that only fall within a ‘catchment area’ – how close a pupil lives to the school. At LFL Education Consultancy, we will be able to provide you with information regarding various schools, including those all-important deciding factors.

All schools are required to follow the National Curriculum. As such, Mathematics, English and Science form the core of secondary education until the age of 16. There are some schools that are granted a ‘specialist status’ in a particular subject area, most likely to be science, or music and the dramatic arts. These schools will strive to provide the best all-round education for children, as well as offering expertise in specific fields.

‘Grammar schools’ also fall into the state school category, but require a child to sit an entrance exam. Children that attain a high mark in these exams are given the opportunity to study at a school that then stretches children in an environment with like-minded colleagues. Information regarding these schools can be provided for you through LFL Education Consultancy.

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The usual application process of primary or secondary education is done through your local authority, or council. In London, this will be the borough you live in. LFL Education Consultancy will be able to guide you through the application process, either at primary school, secondary school, or Sixth Form/college level.