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Preparation for Higher Education

An education in the United Kingdom is an excellent opportunity to start your way to becoming an international professional. Great Britain is one of the most desirable destinations for students from all over the world. Old traditions mixed with modern technologies make the system of the UK higher education exceptional and prestige. Degrees awarded by British Universities are recognised and respected around the world.

How can I enter into a British university after graduating from my school?

It is not always possible to enter into a British university after graduating from your local school outside the UK.

It is important to note that some universities may not recognise your countries’ diplomas (“atestat” in Russia) as sufficient for entry into their university. This might mean your child is required to take another set of exams or a foundation course. If the qualifications are recognised, then you must aim to attain the required grades as well as the university feeling you are a match for them.

The quickest way to enter into a British university is via a Foundation Programme as it is specifically developed for international students. If a student enters a Foundation Programme, after one year, there is a possibility to enter directly into a British university. However, not every university accepts Foundation Programmes, so it is very important to check if the university which you would like to enrol in future, accepts entry via a Foundation Programme.

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Another way to enter into a British university is to undertake an A-level programme, which run in schools/colleges and last for a duration of two years. Exam results will be posted to all your preferred universities and they will make a decision regarding an offer of a place and enrolment onto the relevant course. If a student enrols into the school/college at age 16 on one of these programmes, an application to university following graduation, will occur without any additional programmes to be taken by the student. A British university will only accept student after the age of 18.

If English is not your first language, it is also necessary to take a recognised test to prove that you have attained a level of English that is high enough to be able to pursue your course. Now it is obligatory for all future students to pass IELTS test with good results. Usually prospective student are expected to score not less than 5.5 in speaking, reading, writing and listening to enter foundation programme or A-Levels courses. Also having GCSE in English at appropriate level can also be sufficient for these purposes.