What We Do

Great Britain is known for having an excellent education system in independent educational institutions. Historical fact – since the introduction of the Nobel Prize her laureates included 207 recipients from the USA and 102 recipients from Great Britain. Most laureates from the USA and other countries received their education in the United Kingdom.

Learning a language is always hard and considered as painstaking work. It is very important to practise the skills learned, in additional to learning grammar, reading and writing. Great Britain can give you the best opportunity to practise the English language, get into the spirit of legend schools where education was received by great names of history, including but not limited to the likes of – Winston Churchill, George Frederick Baer, Lewis Carroll and of course, William Shakespeare.

LFL Education Consultancy provides a wide range of services for individual selection of educational institutions at all levels in the UK: from prestigious independent schools for children from age 4 to 18 to the most popular and highly rated colleges, and universities with the possibility of obtaining an HND (High National Diploma), Bachelor’s Diploma and Master’s Diploma. 

Our company also offers a wide range of services for finding language schools, – in the heart of London or around the UK, for students with different English language levels and ages.

An advantage of the services we offer is that we do not cooperate with particular schools. We act in your best interest, and therefore we will find the school that suits you by location, price, conditions and duration of training.

LFL Education Consultancy provides a wide range of services in searching individual educational institutions in the United Kingdom, including:

  • Nursery placement;
  • Education in the United Kingdom for kids aged 4-16 in independent schools;
  • Education in the United Kingdom for kids in the state schools;
  • High education in the united Kingdom;
  • Master’s degree programmes;
  • Language programmes – summer and winter camps in The United Kingdom;
  • Language courses for children and adults;
  • Language courses for business purposes;
  • Language courses for academic purposes.
  • Private tutors
  • Individual tasks