Student Visa Support

An education in the United Kingdom is an excellent opportunity to start your way to becoming an international professional.  In addition, student visa for foreign nationals or non-European nationals is a start to becoming a permanent resident in the UK and later can lead to British citizenship. But finding the right school and having enough money to pay for studies in the UK is not enough.

You have to be aware of what is required to a Student Visa. After all, the new immigration rules for students applying for Tier 4 visas are now a more complicated process. We recommend that in order to find the right course this should be done with professional help. At LFL Education Consultancy we work closely with our sister companies LFL Limited, licensed by the OISC (Office of the Commissioner of Immigration Services) and LF Legal Ltd, regulated by SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority), which allows us to represent the interests of our clients at all stages of their visa process. Qualified British immigration advisors will be happy to provide you with all the necessary assistance in obtaining visas and all documents for you or your children to start your new life in the UK.

There are a range of visas which allow you to study in the UK.

Student Visitor Visa or Child Visitor Visa

If your preferred course is shorter than 6 months and you or your child do not want to extend your studies, than you can apply for a Student Visitor Visa if 18 years or older or Child Visitor Visa if 17 years or younger. These “short stay” visas have the following constraints:

  • You cannot extend your visa in the UK
  • You do not have rights to work in the UK
  • You cannot bring your relatives to be with you in the UK during your studies

As a rule, Student Visitor Visas suit those who would like to apply for a short course (1-2 months) on holiday break.

Tier 4 (General) Visa or Tier 4 (Child) Visa

These are long-term visas for those who wish to apply for full-time courses with a minimum intensive number of hours at 15 hours per week. You can extend this type of visa and have rights to work in the UK, but not more than 10 or 20 hours per week depending on the level of the course. Students older than 18, also have the right to bring their dependants to the UK, again depending on the level of the course.

Educational institutions in the UK are able to enrol international students only if they have what is known as a Sponsor License. This is granted by the Home Office. It is very important to check whether or not an institution has a licence before you make a payment to them, as they may not have a valid license and in this case, it will not be possible to get a Certificate of Acceptance of Study (CAS) which is required for the Tier 4 visas. You will therefore not be able to apply for a visa to attend that institution in the UK.

Parent of a Child at School visa

This visa will suit a parent who has a child under 12 years old studying in the UK. If your child is older than 12 you have to apply for a short-term Visit visa to see your child in the UK.

Preparing an application for a visa in all represented categories is a time-consuming and laborious process. We recommend that you seek professional legal advice for making such applications.