Search and Enrolment

With a team of professionally trained consultants at LFL Education Consultancy, we can provide you the best guarantee that your child, or you, will study at an educational establishment that is relevant to yours and your child’s needs and future careers. Our services are orientated to target every individual’s needs and we understand that students, sponsors and educational establishments alike all require specific attention; and we strive to maintain optimum satisfaction for all.

The most important problem is to choose the right place and school for studies. Every year we see top schools and universities ratings, but even the top might not be the ones needed for you or your child. In this situation, it is important to remember that everyone is different and has different needs, as do various schools.

At LFL Education Consultancy we have developed our own methods in searching schools and other educational institutions. We pay particular attention to the needs of the client and to every point selecting the institution, including inspection reports, number of students in classes, qualification of teaching staff, living conditions, afterschool activities and much more.  The British education system can offer a wide range of studying programmes and we always can choose the right one for yourself or your child.

One of our main advantages is that we are not limited to several schools and universities with which we cooperate. We act in the interests of our clients, and therefore we will find for you an educational institution that is most suitable in terms of location, cost, conditions and length of study.

Our search and enrolment package includes:

  • Individual search of educational establishments in accordance with the requirements of the client;
  • Preparation of all documents required for admission;
  • Direct contacts with educational institutions, correspondence on behalf of the client, handling all organisation issues;
  • Organising entry interviews or tests and with the opportunity to pass exams in our office in Moscow, London or Dubai;
  • Organising Skype interviews;
  • Organising school trips for parents and children before enrolment;
  • Filling out an application forms, sending documents, preparing a cover letter from our company;
  • Supporting clients on all stages of enrolment, answering all arising queries and any other assistance required;

You can always contact us regarding any issues, problems or difficulties that you may encounter during yours or your child’s studies. We also cater to individual children’s needs with an official agreement from the parents. Representatives of LFL Education Consultancy will always be available to assist you every step of the way.

LFL Education Consultancy has been helping international students since 2000, securing places in:

  • Nurseries;
  • Private schools;
  • Colleges;
  • Higher education (Foundation courses, Bachelor Degrees, Master Degrees, MBA  and others);
  • Short English Language Courses for children and  teenagers;
  • English Language courses for adults;
  • Summer language camps for children and teenagers;
  • And many others.

LFL Education Consultancy prides itself on fulfilling your expectations, and we endeavour to provide the best solution for all our clients.