Preparation and Tutoring

It is not always easy to secure a place in the selected educational institution whether it is school, college or university. The successful applicant should not only show the sufficient knowledge of English language, but also he/she should be well educated and all rounded person as well as show good results at current study place.

At LFL Education Consultancy we can help you and your children get ready to start your education path in the United Kingdom. We offer a wide range of services starting from finding a right tutor, group classes or even setting up a trial term in the private school.

For students planning to enrol for Cambridge and Oxford Universities we can offer special preparation courses based on Oxbridge programme, which will give the applicants the experience of study life in world’s top universities. These programs will allow applicants to meet Oxbridge admission tutors and graduates, develop skills of critical and analytical thinking, communication skills, speed reading and memory recall skills, learn how to prepare for interview questions and the most important thing how to be passionate about your chosen subject.

What we offer:

  • Private tuition both in person or via Skype
  • General English language group classes for both children and adults
  • English courses for Business, Industries and Academic purposes
  • IELTS preparation courses and tuition
  • Oxbridge programmes

Our priority is to find a right solution for our clients depending on their personal circumstances. With a team of professionally trained consultants at LFL Education Consultancy, we can provide you the best guarantee that your child, or you, will study at an educational establishment that is relevant to yours and your child’s needs and future careers.