Concierge Service

We want to make your move here as easy as possible and a part of allowing us to achieve that is our professional concierge services. We provide extensive concierge services. Of course, concierge services are highly individual and are completely based on the needs of the client. As such, we have provided a brief outline of what our concierge service can offer you but given the differing needs of all of our clients, we can be contacted directly to arrange the most professional and tailored service for you.

Here at ​LFL Education Consultancy, we want to ensure that your transition to settling into British life is as smooth as possible. We have dedicated concierge services that we are able to provide, from moving services to helping you set up a bank account or even finding a property, we can help make the move easy.

Not only do we help to ensure a smooth visa application, we can also provide many services with regards to finding the ideal educational institution for you. We have a consultation system, and we provide an individual search of all types of schools, from state primary schools to higher education institutions.

​LFL Education Consultancy is also dedicated to providing access to Summer Language Programmes in the UK, our concierge service can include visa support, student insurance, transfer to and from the airport, and any other services required.

We also provide a concierge service for potential students, accompanying them during visits to educational establishments and we can also provide the travel.

If you would like more information on concierge services, regarding property or setting up bank accounts, businesses or obtaining visas; please contact us directly.